Welcome to the Future of Goaltender Development

As a company we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of training at all times. It’s for this reason that we only offer individual and pairs goalie training. Our goal is not only to make you a better goaltender technically, but to teach you what it takes to be a better goalie mentally. We offer unique services and competitive rates along with discounts through our sponsors that make us both the smart choice and the right choice!

Benefits of Goaltender Training

  • Learn Better Positioning for All Situations
  • Understand and Build Your Muscle Memory
  • Improve Your Goalie Specific Conditioning
  • Alter and Improve the Way You Skate
  • Drastically Improve Your Butterfly
  • Get a Better Understanding of What it Takes to be an Elite Goaltender

Why Us

Living in Canada there are many goaltender trainers to choose from. Every school and every trainer offers a unique and different perspective as to what it takes to become an Elite goaltender. So what’s the difference between every other school and us? Personalization!

Most schools and camps offer a generalized series of moves and drills to follow that supposedly helps goalies reach the next level. The problem with that is there are so many levels and so many goalies that there is no way for everyone involved to improve at the same pace. These camps try to rationalize $500+ camps by saying that each goalie receives <blank> amount of ice-time. What they don’t tell you, or rather neglect to tell you, is that the bulk of this time on the ice is going to be spent watching your peers. When the time comes and he/she finally gets an opportunity between the pipes they will be rushed to perform with little or no feedback from the instructors.

That’s where we differ! We specialize in 1-on-1 and 1-on-2 training sessions. We make sure that every second on the ice is beneficial to the individual goaltender. We closely monitor each drill and tweak each training session to better suit you individual style.

Whether you are just a young kid reaching for the stars or a seasoned vet looking to improve his game we can set up a program that works for you!